Visiting Professors

Prof. Basia Vucic UCL London/ Australia 

Professor of Korczak Institute at Australian Centre for Children's Rights. Basia Vucic brings an expert perspective on human rights, education and political action in the times of crisis. The scope of her research at the Institute of Education (UCL, London) includes the hidden histories of human rights movements, political theory and citizenship education. She is an experienced speaker having presented on methodology, philosophy and theories in human rights law and practice. 

Basia has regularly addressed members of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child on the topic of child protection, migration and child-led projects. Prior to academia, Basia had many years of leadership experience in Australia, having established integrated education, health and care services for government, NGO and private sectors. She holds degrees in Health Science, Education and International Co-operation from Australian and European universities.

Publications: Vucic, B. & Sękowska, Z. (2020). Our Home: Janusz Korczak’s Experiments in Democracy, Warsaw: Wyd. Akademii Pedagogiki Specjalnej.
Vucic, B. (2019). ‘Re-Placing’Janusz Korczak: Education as a Socio-Political Struggle. Language, Discourse & Society, 7(1), pp.13-32.
Odrowąż-Coates, A. & Vucic, B. (2018). The Infant, Early Childhood Development and Child Rights: Re-awakening Opportunities for Social Pedagogy, Pedagogika Społeczna, (2)64
Vucic, B. (2018). Bobo in Today's Kindergarten: Korczak's Practice in Early Childhood Education. In (Ed.) Michalek, M. The Rights of the Child Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow – the Korczak Perspective Part I, (pp.508-533). Warsaw: BRPD.
Vucic, B. (2017). The Colonisation of Childhood. In (Eds.) Odrowąż-Coates, A. & Goswami, S. Symbolic Violence in Socio-educational Contexts: A Post-Colonial Critique, pp.161-180. Warsaw: APS.

Picture of prof. Basia Vucic

Prof. Marthinus Stander Conradie 

University of the Free State, South Africa   

Marthinus Stander Conradie holds a PhD in critical discourse analysis and inferential pragmatics from the University of the Free State (South Africa), where he is currently employed at the Department of English. His research interests are grounded in discourse analysis and critical race theory, which he has applied to examine everyday political argumentation, the construction of race and racism as well as whiteness. His publications include analyses of South African students’ online discussions of personal experiences of racial discrimination and micro-aggressions on university campuses, citizens’ online deliberations via asynchronous news forums, as well as media depictions of Africa in print advertising. 
Marthinus Conradie

Prof. Julien-Ferencz Kiss

Lecturer at University of Oradea (Romania) at Teacher Training Department and the Faculty of the Social and Humanistic Sciences. He is the Member of the College of Romanian Psychologists, Association of Romanian Psychologists, Romanian Society for Education Research. 

Furthermore, he is the guest editor at the Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences (Wiley) and the research grant member at University of Erfurt, Germany. Professor is the contributor at Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Psychology (History of Psychology in Eastern Europe during the Cold War). Currently involved in 2 international projects – EDUCATORE (Poland - Maria Grzegorzewska University, Belgium, Croatia, Romania) and REMOVAL OF BARRIERS TO SOCIAL INCLUSION AND SOCIAL PARTICIPATION FOR CHILDREN AND YOUNG ADULTS WITH INTELLECTUAL AND DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES (Sweden, Norway, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Poland and Romania). 

Chief Editor of Journal of Teacher Training and Education Research (University of Oradea)

prof. Julien-Ferencz Kiss

Prof. Etleva Babameto

Prof. Etleva Babameto is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Education and English as well as Department of Law, Political and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences - Albanian University, Tiranë, Albania.

Given her academic background, her area of studies concerns English-held Communication skills, Methodological Practice and Text analysis as well as Western Balkans, their History and European Integration, Enlargement Strategy, security issues. Mrs. Babameto has participated in several national and international conferences and has also written a number of research articles in the topics concerned including a monography entitled: “British Policy towards Albanian Resistance during the WWII”. She is a member of the Twinship Project in the framework of EU Erasmus+, between Albanian University (Department of Education and English) and Kirchliche Pädagogische Hochschule Wien/Krems, Austria.

prof. Etleva Babameto

Prof. Sameer Babu 

Prof. Sameer Babu M is currently serving Jamia Millia Islamia Central University as Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Studies. Earlier he has worked with reputed universities like University of Kerala, Central University of Rajasthan, Aligarh Muslim University, and Delhi University.

He has 11 projects to his credit including ICSSR IMPRESS Major. He was awarded the prestigious Shastri Mobility Grant to Canada in 2020. He is presently associated with Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia as Visiting Professor of Education.

He got published four patents for innovations and got Research Awards from University of Kerala for the last three consecutive years. He has also published 11 tools, and 26 authored and /or edited books. He also offers one complete MOOC on Swayam platform, Govt. of India. He also received the best E-lecture award from REST, India. He is a reviewer of many known journals. His areas of interests are Psychology of Classrooms, Innovative Pedagogy in Higher Education, Education of the Visually Impaired, E-tivities, Interactivity, MOOC Pedagogy, etc.

prof. Sameer Babu

Prof. Zinaida Smutchak

Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor.
Professor of the Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship and Management of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Management and Psychology of the of State Higher Educational Institution «University of Educational Management».
She was also the head of the Department of Management and Economics of the Flight Academy of the National Aviation University. The professor has more than 200 publications; she is an academician of the International European Academy of Economics, Business, Management and Public Administration, as well as the Head of the Supervisory Board of the NGO "International Educators and Scientists Foundation".
She is the Expert on accreditation of educational programs of the National Agency for Quality Assurance of Higher Education.
Member of the editorial board of the Collection of scientific papers "Bulletin of Postgraduate Education" Social and Behavioral Sciences Series; Management and Administration Series, Higher Educational Institution "UNIVERSITY OF EDUCATIONAL MANAGMENT" of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv.
Member of the editorial board of the International Scientific Publication Group "Medicon Open Access"
She is author of the following trainings: "Corporate culture as a basis for implementing effective changes in the organization"; "Motivational aspects of personnel activity"; "Science and time management - effective techniques of management of time ".

prof. Smutchak

Prof. Tetiana Burlaienko

Head and Professor of the Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship and Management at the University of Education Management of the National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine.

She is also the expert of the project of the Foundation for the Development of the Information Society entitled "Library for everyone. Equal, Different, Important”, as well as an expert in licensing educational programs of the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education. Professor is also the member of the subject (sectoral) expert commission on economics, entrepreneurship and financial literacy of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. She is the author of the following trainings: "7 Steps Against Bullying in The Educational Environment", "Startup: From an Idea to Your Own Business", "Patostreaming Vs Career", "Mobile Applications and Blended Learning: Advantages and Disadvantages", "25 Attributes of A Modern Teacher", "School Without Hate”.

picture of prof. Tetiana Burlaienko

Prof. Oksana Dubinina

Associate Professor of the Department of Public Administration and Project Management in the Institute of Management and Psychology at the University of Education Management of the National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine.

She was awarded the medal of the National Academy of Sciences "Kostyantyn Ushinsky" for notable achievements in pedagogy and is the author of more than 60 scientific publications, including textbooks, monographs, Scopus and Web of Science articles. Furthermore, she is the expert of the project of the Foundation for the Development of the Information Society entitled "Library for everyone. Equal, Different, Important”.

Professor is the expert in licensing educational programs of the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education.

prof. Oksana Dubinina

Prof. Mark Bernheim Professor Emeritus at Miami University, English Department, Ohio/Luxembourg (1975 – 2015, tenured 1980).

Expert in: World Literature in translation, Journalism, Professional Writing, Children's Literature, ESL Administration, International Education advisor, campus Fulbright Coordinator. Ph.D. in Comparative Literature, Rutgers University NJ. Dissertation: The Rehumanization of Style and Design in the Modern Historical Novel and Architecture of Austria and America (1975).
Most renowned publication in Poland “Father of the Orphans.” Dutton/Penguin, 1989. A full-length biography for adolescents of Dr. Janusz Korczak, hero of the Warsaw Ghetto orphanages and the subject of Polish feature film “Korczak” based on the biography.

Invited by Gale Publishing to co-edit bibliographies of literary criticism on works of Italian authors Primo Levi (2016) and Giorgio Bassani (2018)
Founding Director: University Summer Workshop in Florence and Venice, Italy (1991-2013).
Summer Faculty/Journalist, Chautauqua Institution, Chautauqua NY: Adult Education instructor and daily newspaper critic for literary and cultural events. Summers 1980-83
SUNY Stony Brook, Long Island NY: Visiting Assistant Professor in Composition 1974-75
Empire State College, New York: Writing Consultant for long-distance learning 1975
Rutgers University, Newark and New Brunswick NJ: Instructor ESL and Composition for adults 1970-74

prof. Mark Bernheim

Prof. Dr. Seran Demiral, Professor at Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Işık Üniversitesi Istabul, Turkey.

PhD from Mimar Sinan Güzel Sanatlar Üniversitesi, Prof. Dr Seran Demiral is a book writer and a published author in Turkey. Her stories for children sell in thousands. She specializes in participatory research involving children. She advocates for girls and women rights in traditional cultures.

dr Seran Demiral

Prof. Adrijana Višnjić-Jevtić Professor at the Department of Early Childhood Education, Faculty of Teacher Education in Zagreb, Croatia.

She has 20 years of experience working as an early childhood teacher. During the last ten years, she has been developing and organizing professional development programmes for early childhood teachers in Croatia and Europe.
She is involved in several Erasmus+ projects as well some other research projects. She is author of several scientific and professional publications. Her research interests are early childhood education, cooperation between families and educational institutions and early childhood teachers’ competences and professionalism. She is a member of OMEP, EECERA and TACTYC.
prof. Adrijana Viśnić-Jevtić - picture

Minister Paulina Malinowska-Kowalczyk

For more information about the Minister, please check the following website: click here


Prof. Anna Kasten, The Ernst Abbe University (EAH) in Jena, Germany

Main areas of scientific expertise: Social Work, Applied gender and diversity research, Social aid and support processes, Poland Studies

List of publications:


prof. Anna Kasten - picture

Prof. Monika Bartoszewicz Department of Technology and Safety, UiT The Arctic University of Norway

Monika Gabriela Bartoszewicz has graduated with MA in International Relations from the University of Lodz (Poland) and MLitt in International Security Studies from St Andrews University (UK). Also in St. Andrews, she has completed her PhD and her doctoral thesis on Controversies of Conversions: Exploring the Potential Terrorist Threat of European Converts to Islam (2013) explored the questions of identity and belonging considered from a security perspective, with the particular focus given to the potential terrorist threat posed by European converts to Islam.

She has carried out interdisciplinary research in Scotland, England, The Netherlands, Denmark, Kosovo and Poland. In 2005 Dr Bartoszewicz was awarded a scholarship at the Centre for Transatlantic Studies in Maastricht, the Netherlands. In 2007 she was a research intern at the Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence and in 2009 her work was recognized with the Russell Trust Award. Prof. Bartoszewicz was also a research assistant for the European Survey of Youth Mobilisation, an international research project looking at youth radicalisation in Europe. In 2011 Dr Bartoszewicz carried out independent research for Scottish Prison Services on the radicalisation of European converts to Islam and took part in British Council’s Our Shared Europe project.

From 2011 to 2013 she was appointed as the E.MA Fellow specialising in International Relations in the European Inter-University Centre in Venice (Italy). From 2015 to 2016 she was a vising lecturer at the Jagiellonian University (Cracow, Poland); from 2015 to 2017 she was an assistant professor at Vistula University in Warsaw (Poland), and between 2018 and 2022, she had a full-time research and teaching position at Masaryk University in Brno (Czech Republic).
Prof. Bartoszewicz also serves as a European Commission expert, rapporteur and evaluator, expert of the Polish, Czech and Latvian institutions, and reviewer. She is also an associate member of the Centre for Security Research (CeSeR) in Edinburgh and a member of the British International Studies Association.

prof. Monika Bartoszewicz

Prof. Camille Brandt Department of Professional Education, Bemidji State University, Minnesota, USA

Camille Brandt’s professional development interests include issues related to autism spectrum disorders, inclusive communities and early education inclusive practices. She has a background in Montessori Education and has taught students with special education needs in both public and private setting. She is a trained New Teacher Mentor, and has presented on topics in special education at local, state, national and international conferences and has published papers on topics related to her research interests.

Camille developed interests in issues related to autism spectrum disorders, and found her background in Montessori Education and special education needs in public and private settings gave her many ideas on how to address some of the gaps in the areas of teaching autistic children. She is co-founder and co-owner of Children’s Montessori Center in Fargo and a faculty member at Bemidji State University. Camille shared with us the recent partnership with our own Plains Art Museum, where kids with autism spectrum disorders can participate in the creative aspects of art, and find their own creativity and skills in an environment tailored to meet their needs, rather than asking them to change their behaviors to meet the expectations of the environment. Her work is studying these children and trying to devise ways to bring a “possibility approach” to their environments, and the program at Plains Art Museum has been a huge success.

prof. Camille Brandt- picture

Prof. Alexander Frohberg, University of Leipzig, Germany

Alexander Frohberg completed an apprenticeship as a lithographer. He studied art education at the University of Leipzig and worked at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Karlsruhe. In addition to numerous exhibitions at home and abroad, he organized the graphic project 2014-2020. Alexander Frohberg is working as lacturer at the Institute for Art Education at the Univerzity of Leipzig since 2017 and gives courses in the field of paper and book objects, theory and practice of product design, website design and crossover - working with analog and digital media in art education.

prof. Alexander Frohberg

 Prof. Larysa Lukianova 

Professor Larysa Lukianova is the Director of the Institute of Pedagogical and Adult Education of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine in Kyiv. Her research and teaching interests focus on environmental education, adult education, quantitative and qualitative research methodology.


Prof. Moshe Shner - Oranim Academic College of Education, ISRAEL

Prof. Moshe Shner is a senior lecturer at Oranim Academic College of Education. Shner got his Ph.D. in Jewish philosophy from the Jewish Theological Seminary of America in NYC, where he studied the impact of the Holocaust on Jewish identity. His academic teaching includes topics in Jewish philosophy, Jewish education, Holocaust Education, and the challenge of modern identities, interfaith dialogues, and multicultural education in a post-Holocaust world.

A special place in his writings and teaching is dedicated to the legacy of the Polish-Jewish educators Janusz Korczak and Itzhak Katzenelson.

Besides Judaic studies, Shner deals with cross cultural Global Education programs, online pedagogy and the challenge of the Internet World to traditional teaching-learning paradigms.
Besides numerous articles and chapters in academic and popular platforms, Shner published In the Beginning there was the Holocaust: a Spiritual Journey into the Abysses of History. Jerusalem: Magness Press (2013), Born Virtual: Free Human Spirit in a Borderless World. Tel Aviv: Mofet Institute (2012), and Korczak and Katzenelson – two Educators in the Abysses of History. Tel Aviv: Tel Aviv University School of Education (2011).
Prof. Shner is a board member of the Ghetto Fighters' House Holocaust Museum.

prof. Moshe Shner - picture

Prof. Viktoriia Vynohradova


  • 16 years of teaching at Ukrainian universities;
  • 11 years of managerial activity in the higher education institution (Head of the Department);
  • 15 years of developing and conducting training (“Conflict Management”, “Client-Oriented service”, “Communication with complex clients”, “Stress Management”, “Service with a smile”, “Development of creativity”, “Prevention of professional burnout”, “Manipulation and counteraction techniques”, “Team Building”, “Effective communication”, “Development of emotional intelligence”).

Selected publications: Creativity as a way to overcome steressdisorders from occupied territories Yu.V. Skakun, V. Vynohradova, 2020
Formation of I.I Mechnykov’S Scientific Creativity in His Youth, V. Vynohradova
Socio-Psychological Aspects of Development of Personality Democracies in Modern Ukraine, V. Vynohradova
Psychological and Pedagogical Impact on the Development of Modern Children's Creative Abilities, V. Vynohradova, 2019
Peculiarities of Social and Educational Prevention of Gaming and Internet Addiction in Adolescents, V. Vynohradova, Ye.V. Puzyrov, 2020

For more please see here: link

Picture of Prof. Viktoriia Vynohradova
Prof. Agnieszka Balcerzak | LMU Munich, Germany

Prof. Agnieszka Balcerzak works as researcher and lecturer at the Institute for European Ethnology and Cultural Analysis at LMU Munich in Germany. She holds a Master’s degree in German Philology with a specialization in pedagogy (DaF) from AMU Poznań in Poland, a Master’s degree in Eastern European Studies and a PhD in European Ethnology from LMU Munich. In her dissertation project, published in 2020 under the title „Zwischen Kreuz und Regenbogen. Eine Ethnographie der polnischen Protestkultur nach 1989,“ she examines the socio-cultural divisions in post-1989 Poland using the example of antagonistic social movements, their public practices and media spheres of action.

Her research areas are social movements and protest cultures, aestheticization processes in cultural contexts, and gender studies with particular focus on gender equality, reproductive politics and sexual education in Eastern Europe. Her current research project is a comparative ethnological exploration of abortion stigma (de)construction drawing on research stays in Croatia, Germany, Ireland, Poland and the USA as visiting researcher at UC Berkeley. She is a full member of several associations, including the European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA), the International Society for Ethnology and Folklore (SIEF) and the German Society for Empirical Cultural Studies (DGEKW).

Since 2023, she is an associated researcher in two international research projects, “Push*Back*Lash: Anti-Gender Backlash and Democratic Pushback” (University of Salzburg) and “Travelling to Seek Abortion Care: Abortion Travel and Support Networks for Pregnant People Seeking Abortion Care in Europe, North-Africa, and Latin America” (University of Barcelona). Prof. Balcerzak is the co-organizer of the 2023 Munich conference “Mapping Gender Struggles. Gender as a Field of Conflict in Contemporary Social Movements”. The international conference is a co-operation between the Institute for European Ethnology and Cultural Analysis at the LMU Munich, the Women’s Academy Munich and the Commission on Gender Studies and Queer Anthropology within the German Society for Empirical Cultural Studies.


Zdjęcie prof. Agnieszki Balcerzak