Maria Grzegorzewska University in Warsaw (APS), derived from the tradition of 1922 Institute of Special Pedagogy established by our patron Maria Grzegorzewska. APS is the place of seeking knowledge, researching truth and fostering culture. To fulfil these overarching criteria we cater for social needs and carry out social mission to foster social inclusion.


The mission of the Maria Grzegorzewska University in Warsaw (APS), in accordance with the message of the University's patron who said that “There is no person with a disability - there is simply a human” (Grzegorzewska 1967)*, is to train future professionals and educators for working with people in need of support. This training is conducted in spirit of respecting people with disabilities and their human and civic rights, understanding and acceptance of differences, treating differences, such as disability, as an inalienable element of human condition and including people with disabilities in the life of society as completely equal citizens.

In spirit of tolerance and opposition to all forms of discrimination, all students of our University are trained and prepared to carry out professions known as professions of social trust. The intention of APS is to educate enlightened and creative professionals, who care for the development of their own personality, scientific passions and professional practical skills - as well as for the comprehensive development of people and environments they work with. The University as a community of students, doctoral students, alumni, academic and administrative staff provides good practice in ethical behaviour both in academic and public life ensuring the alumni adhere to high ethical standards.

APS serves community expanding the offer of educational and therapeutic provided by academics and student volunteers.

We read APS as a list of core values we cherish

A- Access

P – Participation

S – Social Solidarity


* Grzegorzewska M. (1967). Przemówienie na zakończenie roku akademickiego 1965/66 wygłoszone 24 VI 1966 w Instytucie Pedagogiki Specjalnej. Szkoła Specjalna, T. XXVIII, nr 3. (s. 200–201).

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