The Contemporary Problems of Children and Youth in Multicultural Societies. Theory, Research, Praxis

Urszula Markowska-Manista

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Jest to druga monografia w języku angielskim Katedry UNESCO przygotowana w ramach serii wydawniczej: Development And Social Adaptation Of Children And Youth 


Introduction to the series: Development And Social Adaptation Of Children And Youth 


Children’s and adolescents’ development and social adaptation to the conditions of the transforming world are the primary focus of researchers and academics participating in International Summer Schools which have been held by the UNESCO Janusz Korczak Chair at the Maria Grzegorzewska University in Warsaw since 2006. By launching a series of academic books we wish to create a space for an interdisciplinary, research and theoretical-practical dialogue addressing issues which are important in the contemporary world. The present series "Development and Social Adaptation of Children and Youth" is a collection of interdisciplinary academic publications. They are intended to present the latest research, theories and praxis revolving around the issues connected with development and the problems of social adaptation of children and youth functioning in various cultural contexts, with a particular focus on migrants and refugees. The interconnection of academically diverse approaches in the issues addressed and their problematization as well as outlining their practical implications aim towards opening new areas of research explorations to the readers and providing them with new knowledge. They are also intended to serve as an inspiration to improve praxis. 




“[The book] is well embedded in the literature of the subject and its authors demonstrated not only great competence but also sensitivity to the problems of children and young people from culturally diverse backgrounds. It is unique in the way of taking up many important issues for the research - the problems that are being solved. I think the book will be welcomed with great interest […] by teachers, future teachers as well as intercultural education researchers. It should also be provided for educational politicians who design educational changes, who - also in Poland - should take into account changes related to the increasing cultural diversity (…).”

From the scientific review by prof. Anna Szafrańska

„[The] book edited by Urszula Markowska-Manista, supports a free and open discourse. Activism, research, social creativity and responsibility for the world we share with children, are combined in a unique way. (…) The problems the authors are facing and are describing and explaining as challenges are particular moments in their areas of expertise. This helps professionals in the fields as readers of the book, to grow in their ambitions, their knowledge and their perspectives. This helps scientist too, to understand methodologically different approaches and the link between these approaches, the vulnerability of respective children and childhoods and the questions that arise in society and finally in research that involve projects and the longing for change.”

                        From the scientific review by prof. Claudia Maier-Höfer




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