The 15th International UNESCO JK Chair Summer School


A regular international event organized by the Janusz Korczak UNESCO Chair has been going on within the walls of our Academy since Sunday, May 22.

This year the event is part of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of our university. The event is sponsored by the Polish Committee for UNESCO and UNICEF Poland. The summer school was subsidized by the European Union's Empathy project and one of its goals is to spread religious tolerance and inclusive, intercultural social awareness.

The event is attended by the winners of the Janusz Korczak Prize for the Global South - Prof. Mahesh TS from India, Stephen Okpadah from Nigeria; the Janusz Korczak Prize for Africa - Donatien Ndikuriyo from Burundi as well as PhD students and young scholars from Kazahstan, Syria, Belgium, Croatia and Romania.

Daily classes are enriched by the opportunity to take part in ongoing international conferences at APS and specialized scientific and teaching workshops.

The UNESCO Chair was established under an agreement concluded on October 13, 2004, between UNESCO - the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization and The Maria Grzegorzewska University in Warsaw. The Department is a university structure with an open formula, which includes employees of other Departments (including the Department of Social Pedagogy) and Departments of the Academy of Special Education, volunteers and interns, according to the organizational activities and research projects carried out.

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