New Gender Equality Plan at APS - meeting about the Plan on 14.12.2022


Did you know that the APS has developed a Gender Equality Plan? Do you know what it means and what its role is?

Come and find out what it includes and what its implementation looks like from the point of view of students, administration staff and lecturers - whether authors, representatives of our community or recipients.

The Gender Equality Plan sets important goals for the future of the Academy, including:

  1. Increasing awareness of equality issues and strengthening positive attitudes towards equality and diversity.
  2. Increasing gender proportional representation on teams, committees and authorities.
  3. Integrating gender topics into research and teaching content.

The meeting will take place on 14.12.2022 at 13.30-15.30, in auditorium C.

We invite lecturers, students and administrative workers. A small snack will be provided.

See you at the meeting!