Acceptance, Participation, Social Solidarity related Conference at APS


At the end of the year of celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the University and the year of Maria Grzegorzewska on December 15, the University hosted an International Conference entitled "Acceptance, Participation, Social Solidarity - interdisciplinary challenges in creating a society for all”. The Conference topics were determined by three categories: Acceptance, Participation, Social Solidarity.

The event was attended by representatives (from Poland and abroad - including: Australia, Bulgaria, Spain, India, Israel, Kazakhstan, Taiwan, Ukraine, USA, Hungary, Italy) of academic communities, as well as practitioners who participate in the implementation of humanistic ideas and show concern for sustainable development, in which social inclusion is an extremely important link in achieving the well-being of individuals and entire societies. It is an opportunity to reduce social inequalities and build a just and inclusive society.

As part of the conference - apart from plenary sessions - 11 thematic sessions were arranged stationary and on-line.

In addition the following accompanying events took place:

  1. Exhibition of oil pastels by Jerzy Ratyński, prepared as part of the Dr. Ewa Dutczak therapy workshops, at the Association for Helping Blind and Visually Impaired Children "Hope" in Radom;
  2. Mini recital by Agata Zakrzewska;
  3. Screening of the film series "There is a man";
  4. Poster session "Think, You are already in this world of work, so your work is important as it fulfills a part of this momentous whole";
  5. Seminar "Inclusive education – needs and challenges", the aim of which was to present the results of research and prepared training materials for teachers carried out as part of international cooperation in the ERASMUS+ program I_AM - Inclusive education using Animation and Multimedia (project no. 621502-EPP-1-2020-1-EL-EPPKA3-IPI-SOC-IN) - .

Thank you for participating!

Scientific and Organizing Committee

The conference was held under the patronage of: UNICEF, Committee of Pedagogical Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Polish Sociological Association, Polish Society of Social Policy, State Fund for the Rehabilitation of Disabled People, Maria Grzegorzewska Foundation, Special School scientific journal and the scientific journal Man-Disability-Society. Thank all of you kindly for taking the patronage over the conference and for your great kindness.

The conference was co-financed under the "Excellent Science – Support for Scientific Conferences" program of Ministry of Education and Science, project no. DNK/SP/512089/2021.