"The Phenomenon of Systemic Negligence and its implications for Moral and Political Responsibility"


We would like to invite you to the next Language Lounge with prof. Chhanda Chakraborti on 07.06.2023.

The lecture will be held at 11.30 in Aula B at the Maria Grzegorzewska University. 

Prof. Chhanda Chakraborti is a Visiting Professor at School of Liberal Arts in IIT Jodhpur, India. She has over 30 years of experience, during which she published books and gained teaching experience in India, France, Finland and Nepal. She also obtained her PhD in Philosphy at the University of Utah, United States. 

On 07.06.2023 the Professor will hold a lecture at APS entitled "The Phenomenon of Systemic Negligence and its implications for Moral and Political Responsibility".

Please see the Abstract of the paper and information about the lecture by prof. Chhanda Chakraborti below:

"This paper tries to delineate the concept of systemic negligence as a distinct kind of negligence in the specific context of health systems, particularly in the developing countries, that needs to be recognized and addressed. The paper argues that systemic negligence is not just a mere collection of stray incidences of medical errors and system failures in a health system, but is a more pervasive kind of neglect which often is not traceable to one particular agent or a group of agents. Several nonmedical factors, such as lack of social and political will, also contribute to it and hence make it more difficult to address systemic negligence in a health system.

This paper contends that recognizing systemic negligence and including it research agenda have special moral importance for researchers in developing world bioethics, public health ethics and for health activists in the developing world. For, it can be a potent health system barrier, and can seriously impair efforts to ensure patient safety, particularly in the weaker health systems. As it erodes accountability in a health system, addressing it is also important for the twin goals of ensuring patient safety and improving health system performance. Above all, it needs to be addressed because the tolerance of its persistence in a health system seems to undervalue health as a social good.

The lecture will go further to bring out the concept of systemic negligence from its
Bioethical context, and to place it in the wider discourse in ethics. The lecture will argue that the concept of systemic negligence raises difficulty for the usual understanding of moral responsibility. It will use the concepts of structural injustice and political responsibility, as advocated by Iris Marion Young, as a pointer to conclude that accepting systemic negligence as a phenomenon does not preclude the possibility of positing moral responsibility."

See you on 07.06.2023 at 11.30 in Aula B!

poster of the meeting - same information as in the post