APS significantly higher in the UI GreenMetric Sustainability Ranking 2022!


Thanks to the strong focus dedicated to sustainable development, APS has risen 106 places in the Ranking and gained 1300 points more in comparison to the last year.

APS took part in the Ranking for the third time, each year increasing its position. 

This year, APS acheived the 711th place out of 1050 participating universities. In 2021, APS was ranked the 817th out of 956 participating universities. Whereas, in 2020, APS was ranked the 840th. 

When it comes to Poland, 11 universities participated in total and the APS was ranked 6th out of them. 

We are very happy that the APS contributes more and more to creating a sustainable future. 🌳

We would like to congratulate all the Winning Universities!

Please see the entire UI GreenMetric 2022 Ranking here: link

Sustainability at APS 

APS executes sustainable development in various ways, i.a.: 

  1. We take part in multiple significant projects, concerning the green aspect of sustainability, link: here,
  2. We take part in big projects concerning social part of sustainability, link: here,
  3. We cooperate with the Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy, supporting the Working Group for the University's Social Responsibility, which coordinates projects on a national level, 
  4. We established the Advisory Board for Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility of the University,
  5. We established a Working Group for Equality,
  6. We established a Working Group for Ecology,
  7. The APS Student Union undertakes many important initiatives in the field of circular economy - Zero Waste Economy,
  8. We have student-led scientific clubs concerning sustainability,
  9. We carry out grants and research for the protection of the natural environment, and sustainable development, which is an integral part of the educational and publishing offer, 
  10. We organize various meetings, campaigns and projects, involving students, lecturers and administrative workers, for an example please see here: link

We keep developing and increasing our positive impact, more about our next projects soon! 🌿