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Rethinking Education Unesco Publishing

“Rethinking Education
Towards a global common good?”
2015, 978-92-3-100088-1
UNESCO Publishing

Foreword, p. 3
Acknowledgements, p. 5
List of boxes, p. 8
Executive summary, p. 9
Introduction, p. 13

1. Sustainable development: A central concern, p. 19
Challenges and tensions, p. 20
New knowledge horizons, p. 26
Exploring alternative approaches, p. 29

2. Reaffirming a humanistic approach, p. 35
A humanistic approach to education, p. 37
Ensuring more inclusive education, p. 42
The transformation of the educational landscape, p. 47
The role of educators in the knowledge society, p. 54

3. Education policy-making in a complex world, p. 57
The growing gap between education and employment, p. 58
Recognizing and validating learning in a mobile world, p. 62
Rethinking citizenship education in a diverse and interconnected world, p. 65
Global governance of education and national policy-making, p. 67

4. Education as a common good? p. 71
The principle of education as a public good under strain, p. 72
Education and knowledge as global common goods, p. 77
Considerations for the way forward, p. 83


World Education Forum 2015
Efa 2030

Proposal of the Open World Forum Group on SDGs

Inclusion from the start
Guidelines on inclusive early childhood care and education for Roma children

3100016Co11502014, 978-92-3-100016-4  UNESCO / Council of Europe

"UNESCO 2013"

Published in 2014 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
© UNESCO 2014

"Implementing the right to education: a compendium of practical examples"
UNESCO dokument

"Methods of grouping learners at school"
Principes de la planification de l'éducation
Vincent Dupriez, UNESCO IIEP     
Paris, UNESCO; IIEP, 2010

“UNESCO Presentation Kit “

“UNESCO and Education - Everyone has the right to education”

“Developing a world-class education” (Prospects #163)