In 2022 The Maria Grzegorzewska University Celebrates its 100-year anniversary!


Maria Grzegorzewska is  

  • an icon of teacher training,  
  • an icon of emancipation and rebuilding of Poland after regaining its independence in 1918* 
  • she is also known as a human rights activist in the field of special education  
  • and a skillful academician dedicated to the issue of social inclusion through the high-quality education and preparation of teachers.   

We are the eldest pedagogical unit in Poland, ranking 2nd amongst pedagogical universities of Poland (2021).  

Rated 4th in Poland in our educational programmes [Perspectives ranking 2021].  


Link to the celebration website 


Link to FB profile of our patron established by our students: Maria Grzegorzewska | Facebook


*Poland seized to exist for 123 years of partitions by powerful neighbours, Maria Grzegorzewska was amongst these women who contributed to the rebuilding of our education system.