HISTORY MOMENTS at the Institute of Art Education


Time travel through Warsaw - a German-Polish Girls Exchange: Leipzig – Warsaw
Part I: 
17–24 October 2021
A cooperation of Heike Siebert (Landesjugendpfarramtof Saxony), Verena Landau (visual artist / lecturer, Institute of Art Education, University of Leipzig) &Prof. HAB Maria Kiesner (Institut Edukacji Artystycznej) Promoted by: DPJW, Warsaw and Landesjugendpfarramt Dresden. 


Results of the workshop of Verena Landau by Polish and German students of art education: Alisja Brunejko, Weronika Buczna, Felicitas Chlubna, Alicja Chocholska, Rosalia Chromiriska, Julia Drescher, Nikola Haupt, Honorata Kornacka, Marie Küsel, Gundula Munteanu, Zuzanna Nowak, Aleksandra Paszko, Marta Pawłowska, Alisa Semevskaya, Maria Stawenow,  Anna Szczerba, Clara Thiele, Carolin Weinmann. 


How do moments of history interfere with the modern society of Warsaw? 
Following this question the students discovered the city of Warsaw in different ways: 
  • A guided tour in Stare Miasto, 
  • a visit in the Museum of the History of Polish Jews and 
  • exhibition of Wilhelm Sasnal, 
  • an interactive field research in the Warsaw Ghetto, 
  • a visit of Palac Kultury, 
  • a studio talk with Prof. Maria Kiesner, a biography workshop with Heike Siebert and the final artistic workshop with Verena Landau. 
Observations were fixed in photographs and drawings, transformed into collages, overpainted computer prints and color scetches. 
These preparations were the base for the square acrylic paintings on canvas, shown in the gallery of the Instytut Edukacji Artystycznej.
Part II is being planned! The second part of the Polish-German exchange will take place at the Institute of Art Education, University of Leipzig, from October 17 to 25, 2022.