Our Patron

Our Patron Maria Grzegorzewska pioneered the systematic research on pedagogy directed at the disabled and established its grounds. Believing a human being to be a psycho-physical unity, she put forward a claim for a global approach towards any aberration from the norm. She developed the aspect of compensation in the revalidation of the disabled (the dynamic structural system theory). Her deeper interest lay with pedagogy and psychology of the of the Blind and Visually Impaired as well as with deafblind people. She was, among her other achievements, the scientific instructor during the revalidation of the deaf-blind girl, Krystyna Hryszkiewicz. Moreover, she turned a keen eye on the developments in all subdisciplines of special pedagogy and the practice of work with disabled people. The results of her activity encouraged some of the first attempts at creating a complete outline of the theory and practice of work with disabled people.